Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power... Rev 4:11

Wise Sayings

  • If you are wrong and accept that you are wrong and simply say, “I am sorry”, the wise will praise your courage and truthfulness. 
  •   As a human being who is not perfect and is bound to make mistakes, you should be ready to accept correction at all times. 
  •   You should endeavor to be humble because it will help you learn good things from others, accept correction and believe that someone may be better or greater than you. 
  •   Do not be proud or wise in your own eyes so that people will be very free to discuss with you and correct you when you are wrong. 
  •   If you are proud and wicked and forbid people to express their opinion when discussing with you because you feel you are the wisest man, a time will come when you will have no visitors and you will be alone because people will be avoiding you. 
  •   A wise person will encourage division of labour and will always do the much he could and allow others to do their own portion. 
  •   In every matter, the best thing for a man, especially a child of God, to do is to say the truth, because the Almighty knows the truth and sees everything. 
  •   You should always help and support your neighbors or colleagues and you should always wish them well.
  •    If you trust man who deteriorates, he will give you imperfect and deteriorating things. 
  •    Please, do not make a shipwreck of your conscience by accepting money or any form of gift from anyone no matter how highly or lowly placed in order to cover up an evil act. 
  •   You should be content and manage with the little or much God gives you.  
  •   It is very unfortunate that many people, especially the youth risk their lives because of money.  For example, some swallow some hard drugs like cocaine, opium, etc. in order to pass them out and resell.  In some cases the drugs burst in their stomach and some would    die, while some would be saved through operation.  Indeed, many people love money more than their   lives. 
  •    To give is divine and to withhold is human.
  •   For one to share what one has with others very happily, freely and cheerfully is divine but to be stingy is human.  
  •   From childhood I have observed in most cases that when a rich (wealthy) man breaks the law no one takes it seriously and so he is not punished and nothing will happen to him, but when the poor, less privileged persons and those who have no one to defend them or speak on their behalf break the law they will be punished.  This is very unfair and unacceptable to the Almighty God.  
  •  When I see how the rich and the wealthy men behave in society, sometimes oppressing the poor, bribing their way through, doing whatever they like and getting away with it, I am persuaded to conclude that the law is not meant for them but for only the poor, less privileged persons and those who have no one to fight for or defend them or even speak on their behalf.  
  • If you want to be popular and acceptable in a good family or society, you should avoid (eschew) jealousy, wickedness, greed, selfishness, gossiping and slandering and you should have regard and respect for your fellow responsible human beings.  
  • if your neighbor or colleague does anything wrongly or makes mistakes, do not talk behind him or run him down, rather you should correct him  with love and humility and talk over issues face to face.
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