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Marriage, Advice to Pastors, & Advice to Members


Genesis 24 v 2-4, 10-14, 7, 30, 53, 56-57 : Abraham associated with Spirit and Angels.  He was very close to God to the extent that God dined with him.  He heard the voice of God. He also saved lot. Indeed, he was a very great man.  Yet when he needed to marry a wife for his son, he made his servant swear.

  •  This goes to show that Abraham did not tempt God.  We as Christians go ahead and marry cursed spouses and then call upon Daddy Hezekiah to pray for peace to come reign in our homes (because the spouse we married has brought chaos and confusion in our homes and upon us).
  •  Abraham did not marry a cursed person for his son.  He knew that marriage can either destroy a home or build it.  Yet many of us have no authority but when we see things that will cause us to stumble, we put forth our hands into it.
  •  If you are thinking about / considering your future, you will not marry any woman you see out there.
  •  Abraham knew that the Canaanite women were not good enough.  And the fact that Abraham refused for his son to be left at the would-be wife’s country if she refused to return with Abraham’s servant goes to show that your environment is not supposed to influence you. Rather, you should influence your environment.
  •  A good child of God is not afraid of his environment.  Their environment fears him/her.
  • There are seven (7) decisions important in a person’s life, three (3) of which include:-

 -         Salvation: - that is, whether or not to accept Christ.

-         Marital status: - that is, whether one will be single or married.

-         Career: - what kind of career a person would choose.

  •  Look carefully before choosing a spouse.
  •  Verses 10 – 14 highlight three (3) points you must note


(b)   If you want to marry, you must be prepared. Isaac attained the age of forty (40) years before getting married.  Note that marrying too early breeds divorce.  With Isaac, it was obvious he was of age.

(c)    You need prayers. Note verse 7. Abraham and his servant already prayed behind closed doors.  He already knew that God had answered his prayers.  The servant knew that the Angel of God was going before him but, he prayed some more to ensure the close proximity of the Angel.

  • Verses 30, 53 highlight that the servant came prepared.  Note also that Rebekah, her brother Laban and, their mother did not beg the man/servant for any gifts or anything.  Therefore, females/sisters beware – you disgrace yourself when you beg your suitor for money and for your family’s upkeep.  In doing this, you’re chasing your suitor away. 
  •  Respect yourself in the face of suitor.  The attitude/behaviour of Queen Esther, though she was poor, led king Ahasuerus to declare a public holiday on account of her wedding.  
  •  Verse 56 – 57 teaches that parents should desist from forcing their children to marry.
  •  Rebekah – in simple trust – agreed to follow the servant.  Therefore, if you say ‘yes’ to a suitor’s marriage proposal, wherever he wishes for you to go with him, you must go. Except if it is before idols.
  •  Abraham had not seen Rebekah before but he knew her family background.  In other words, there need not be courtship or friendship before marriage. It is not necessary.
  •  Rebekah’s veiling of her face and alighting off her ass were signs of respect to her husband.


  • Advice to Members
  • Isaiah 55 v 6-7 =

  • Seek God whilst He can be found. Because it is not at all times that He can be found.  He may give a person some time – may be 2 years – but if the person misses it, s/he will not find Him, though s/he seek with tears. Remember Esau who sold his birth right for a pot of porridge. When he sought it with tears, it was irretrievable!
  •  Do not do anything that will result in God not answering when called upon on your behalf.
  •  Note that getting God’s attention is easy when you have not defiled yourself.
  •  Live life/behave in a way that if something befalls you, God will answer when called upon.  Live life/behave in a way that will get God’s heart.
  •  As long as you value God; as long as you make Him your strong refuge; no matter what the world does against you, they will stumble and fall.

Genesis 29 v 16-22 =

  • Paying dowry is not an easy task.  Jacob served Laban a total of seven (14) years for the hand of Rachel.
  •  Marriage is not a hidden affair. After Jacob had served 7 years and requested for Rachel, Laban held a feast before giving Leah instead to Jacob.  He had to serve another 7 years before he was given Rachel. 
  •  In reference to the importance of having a holy wedding, note that Jacob lived 7 years in Laban’s house but never touched Rachel or any woman in the household.
  •  Therefore, it is not good for would-be couples to be posing indecently for pictures before the wedding.  For example carrying your would-be wife for pictures that would be given out to wedding guest.  It is not our doctrine in Living Christ Mission.  If you intend to snap a picture, take one that is decent.  In giving out your pictures to wedding guest, do you have power/authority?  What if your enemies take your picture to a native doctor and place an idol upon it?
  •  All these are the reasons why some do not hold/do holy weddings. Note that when you (would-be couples) start falling into each other’s arms, one thing may lead to another, and you will end up having a marriage blessing instead of a holy wedding. (For further information on types of weddings, see the church doctrine on types of weddings permitted by the ministry).
  •  Daddy Hezekiah advised against extravagant weddings which include the selling of landed property only to facilitate changing attires 3 times and having many bridesmaids at the wedding. 
  •  There is nothing greater than knowing the God you serve. Be careful when it comes to marriage.


Keep yourself holy if you want a holy wedding.  Strive not to touch the woman until you do the traditional wedding.  Allow her to be married by God first


Advice to Pastors.

Isaiah 56 v 9-12 = {}

  • You cannot instruct a blind person to watch your goods because if someone steals them, the blind person would not know.
  •  The beasts of the field were invited to devour the sheep because their shepherds were blind.
  •  If you are a man of God, you must not be blind. Because if you are blind, the sheep in your care would be devoured.
  •  You must be filled with Holy Spirit, rooted in the Word of God and aglow with the Holy Spirit.


Isaiah 56 v 2 = {}

  • Do not profane the Sabbath. Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.
  • Keep your hand from doing evil.
  • You will be blessed if you do all these. 


Assignment / further reading

Isaiah chapters 1, 55-60 & 66.


The End

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