Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power... Rev 4:11

Mothering Sunday


The main reason of going to church is to thank God Almighty for all His goodness and for sparing our lives, despite the massive killings and slaughtering of the masses in the country.

A news got to me in the early hours of Sunday that a man who trades on apple fruit was shot dead on his way to his abode.  He did not die because of his sins, so we are alive today only by God’s special grace.  Hence, whenever you are in the presence of God, you should not joke with God because tomorrow is very unpredictable. 

It is very disheartening to see that the leadership of the church support evil just as it is written in Jeremiah chapter 23.  For instance, in Nigeria today, kidnapping, shedding of innocent blood, covetousness, and other evil happenings are trending. 

Instead of the church leaders to boldly and courageously tell the government that the country is in a messy state, they only worship and praise them. This is absolute hypocrisy. Call a spade a spade! 

Whoever that is paying courtesy visit to President Buhari, or Vice President Prof. Yemi Osibanjo, should endeavor to pinpoint to them the shambolic state of the Nation especially insecurity, hunger, etc. 

Most persons love lip service. Is it to gain contract or award? Note that the greatest award is that which comes from the Most High God, which is the greatest gift. 

All church leaders ought to say the truth to members of their church who hold political positions in the country.  Church leaders should curtail the habit of worshipping these politicians because you are a man of God and as such these politicians ought to seek for you in order to be prayed for, if you truly know the God you serve. 

But we love and long to accept gift in cash and kind from them.  What will it profit you if you gain all the money on earth and go to hell? 

Nigeria will be a better country if leaders of all churches such as Assemblies of God, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Catholic, Anglican, etc, speak the truth to politicians who attend these churches by giving them good advice, but we fail because they are wealthy and influential. 

If God keeps you alive do not misuse your life! Because death is now common. 

Those whom God have given the gift to praise and worship Him should be grateful, because it is a miracle.  Many are called but few are chosen!

Also, according to Revelation chapter 13, it is not all who have the gift to worship God, some have gift of blaspheming against God. Some are given mouths not to praise God, but to abuse Him.  So, be thankful and grateful if you have the gift of praising God. 

Always be patient and humble whenever you are in the presence of God because when we attend worldly ceremonies such as weddings, football matches, parties, etc., we exercise patience.  It is only in the house of God that we remember we have wrist watches to check the time!

Those who always keep the Sabbath day holy should continue, because it is one of the ten commandments of God, hence, blessing is attached to it.

Those given mouths to blaspheme against God should continue.  But you God has given power and the gift to worship Him should go on.  It is a special and rare gift.

The main aim of preaching the Word of God is not to show off, but to:

 win souls for Christ 
 show people that Christ is the way, truth, and life,
 show people that holiness, righteousness, and salvation are essential to man.
 prove to people that heaven and hell exist.  Forget what the whites try to do to deceive us saying, “there is no heaven and hell”.  If Japan, India, America could perform magic in their movies, then there is power of God. 

For the fact that evil spirits exist, then angels do too; if there are powerful native doctors, then there must be powerful prophets.  So if you know Christ you are on the right path. Never you be deceived.

What gives me, HEZEKIAH, pride and honour is that I am among those given mouth to worship and praise God; given life to serve Him. To those given gifts to shed innocent blood, it is their concern!





Spirit Divine Attend Our Prayers

Verse 1: Pride comes when one feels he or she knows all and others do not know anything. 

Verse 2: Not everyone passes through the path of life, some go through the path of death.  But all those who know Christ walk in the right path.

Verse 3: Let our hearts be a sacrificial flame and house of God.  It should not be where abominable things inhabit.  A real child of God ought to have a clean and pure heart.

Verse 4: We should believe in God because He can do all things.  Let the barren rejoice that God is able to give her children.  It is usually on Mother’s Day that God of Daddy Hezekiah gives children and other gifts. So, we should claim the blessings of God in the hymn.

Verse 5: As it is done in Heaven so shall it be done on Earth.  With God all things are possible, so let no one say nothing is possible.

Verse 6: God loves the mothers so much. Truly, mothers suffer a lot. Children should understand that their mothers go through a lot, and thus should be treated with care.  Some fathers are trying, but not as much the mothers.  Especially the good ones – like Abigail, the Shunammitewoman in 2nd Kings chapter 4, etc. Not all mothers are good, there are still evil ones – like Hosea’s wife, Jez’ebel, etc.

Those young youths who fight their mothers are foolish, because you can actually beat her up, but if she opens her mouth to utter a curse upon you, it can never be well with you – because she gave birth to you. 

Husbands should take good care of their wives because they suffer for the sake of the family.  Those husbands who beat up their pregnant wives as if she kept them in the condition in which they are, never try such. At least, respect her for the sake of the baby in the womb. 

Indeed, some women are annoying, but it is expedient we encourage them. All mothers should try harder because God actually blesses them. Check out the difference in the number of widows and widowers and you will testify to it.

As a mother, if you want God to bless you abundantly, be submissive to your husbands and remain holy.  Do not wander from one prayer house/church to another. Look up to God and you will not be put to shame! Things might be difficult but at the end God might bless you via your children or another source.



Daddy Hezekiah’s Secret

 Ezekiel chapter 18
 John Chapters 3, 6, 14, 15, and especially chapter 17 (Christ’s prayer)
 Jeremiah chapters 2, 5, 6, and 7 
 Jeremiah chapters 2 and 7 – for servants of God.
 Jeremiah chapters 14 & 15 – fasting and praying cannot deliver, but righteousness and holiness can.
 Jeremiah chapter 23 – compulsory for all prophets.



Verse 4: All souls belong to God and not the devil.  So it is left for you to decide how you want to use it, either the devil or Christ.

If you like join secret society or cult; God has said it, ‘if you want to live then you must walk in His statutes but, if you want to die, just put your soul into worshipping idols’. Why will you fight for something that does not belong to you? If you are rich and do not know God; if you are rich and worship satan, you will have nothing to do with me, Hezekiah. 

These so-called politicians and rich men who are Igbos yet support, praise and worship the President are doing so only because their immediate family have not been affected.  They know quite well that their children are outside the shores of the country, and thus, cannot be targeted.  Whatever happens does not concern them, because if the killings and slaughtering affected them directly they would speak out. 

Note that you can prevent justice in the world, but you cannot do that in Heaven, because there is a God Who is the greatest chief judge. And, no matter what you do, no matter the appeal court you go to, and no matter the number of Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SAN) you employ, the justice of God will always prevail over injustice. 

This has been guiding me, Hezekiah.  People can say anything about me but the most important thing is ‘What does God say about me?’ 

Remember, people were praising Herod in Israel, but Jesus Christ called him a fox. To people Herod was a king, but to God he was a fox.  What God says about us should matter most, and not what people say about us.  If God is on your side nothing can be against you. 

Though we are in the world and we are passing through many difficulties, sometimes some things come our way only to discourage us.  The kingdom of darkness puts obstacles in our way, but God did not tell us that temptation would not come to us; but He told us that we must pass through the narrow way.  And if we continue with endurance, patience, and pass through the narrow way we will end up having eternal life. 

It is better we suffer for this few moments, than to suffer in hell for ever.  Heaven and hell are real so do not be deceived.

Strive harder and do not let cursed people to deceive you. There are children of the devil who know they cannot reach your height, and thus would want to mock you.  

Ezekiel chapter 18 is synonymous with Deuteronomy chapters 28 and 30, which talks about choosing between good and evil, and if you want to live or die. 

You can do anything with prayers, unless it is the one God does not want to answer.  I cannot do all things, but God can do all things.  I use the name of God to do all things.  Perfect protection comes from God. 

My consolation is that even if the whole world turns to be faithless to God, I will remain faithful.  Even if the whole world denies God, He cannot deny Himself.  It is us who need God, and not God Who needs us. 

Most of us pride for nothing.  No wonder King Solomon (one of the greatest kings) said that it was better to attend burials, than to attend parties.  Because in parties we might forget ourselves, but at burial, the wise ought to ponder on their lives after seeing the properties of a wealthy man laid waste. 

Now that you are alive, change your steps and seek the Lord.  Seek Him diligently. If you want to be a good mother, seek the Lord diligently, because once God is in you, you can do anything that you like in Christ, and anyone who sees you will surely know that you are worshipping a living God. The first step is the fear of God.


Verse 17: For those who feel or think that the sins of their forefathers are preventing them from progressing, God will never visit you with the iniquities of your fathers.  Once you know your God, God is a solution to every problem.

Obadiah Onukogu, the biological father of Daddy Hezekiah, was a confirmed, staunch and famous idol worshipper in Nkwerre Local Government Area of Imo State.  As a Superintendent of Police, he went to many places in search of spiritual power. 

If God could use me, Hezekiah, despite my father’s prowess in serving idols, then nothing should hinder or prevent you from progressing or serving God. 

It is actually your sins and iniquities that have hindered your progress and not your fathers.  If you look at Daddy Hezekiah, you will know that with God all things are possible.

Verse 19: Imagine the interaction between God and the Israelis, how He would answer their questions without being annoyed, even when they are wrong.  This delineates the humility of God.

Man is difficult. If you get it right, people will want to deceive you, but if you get it wrong, they will abuse you.  

Verse 20: To all fathers whose children are evil, it cannot stop you from being blessed.  And, likewise the children, if your father is an armed robber, he cannot stop you from becoming what God said you will be, as long as you have taken a personal decision to workout your salvation. 

Most of us do not read our Bibles, but we are ready to read dirty books.

Ask yourself questions if you still complain or blame the iniquities of your parents for not progressing in life, because God does not show partiality. 

There is nothing wrong in reading books people wrote because some throw more lights into it, but never replace the Holy Bible with any book irrespective of the writer.  It should be your number 1 for spiritual studies since other books are written by human beings. 

Imagine a Bible scholar writing in a commentary that maybe the Israelis crossed the Red Sea because of tide which permitted them to walk on dry sea; he also put in there that there was nothing like Moses turning the Egyptian’s river – the Nile River – to blood in the Book of Exodus, and that the high rate of sunshine in Egypt may make the rivers look like blood when viewed from an angle.  Is this what you will read?

They are only watering down the power of God.  One other commentary stated that the Israelis passed beside a dry Red Sea. Another stated that Mary Magdalene was the person sat next to Jesus, and not Apostle John the beloved, during the Last Supper. Many people make mockery of Christ, but cannot make mockery of Prophet Muhammed.  The Bible stated that there were 12 apostles in the Last Supper, so how come these commentary writers claim that it was Mary Magdalene who sat next to Christ?  Is it not John that the Bible says rests on the heart of Christ? The Bible also stated that John was beautiful and was not killed, unlike the other apostles who were killed. 

The recommended Bible for a Christian is “The King James version (Authorized version)” or “The Revised Standard version”. Some other versions have been written by many churches just to support their doctrines. 

Never listen to false prophets who say to you that your mother or relation is the cause of your misfortune. If truly your mother is an evil person, only prayers will show her that you are covered with the Blood of Jesus.  She cannot come close to you.  Killing your mother can never be the solution of your misfortune. 

Note that no one can block your way/progress because God is on your side.  If the devil comes to perturb you, just quote Ezekiel chapter 18 verse 20 and he will flee. 

To those who are not progressing in their endeavours, they should read Ezekiel chapter 18. Likewise those who call native doctors to carry out incantations, because they are wasting their time.  If your fore fathers did some charms, how can a native doctor solve the problem?  Indeed, knowledge of God is important. 

Verse 21: At times, while you want to pray the devil will present all the sins you committed in secondary school or some years ago. This he does only to distract and stop you from praying. 

Note that the Bible says that even if you were a thief years ago, but decided to repent, you shall not die. 

God cannot lie.

Verse 22: God will not remember the sins of your past if we repent of them.  Also, learn not to judge for God by recounting the sins of an individual who has repented.  Are you his God?  Do you know what covenant he has with God?  

We love condemning people a lot, just like Simon the Leper who condemned the woman that came to wash the feet of Christ. 

We ought to condemn people’s bad behavior, but if they repent we should accept them.  It is only God in heaven who knows those that will go to Heaven. 

Most persons we think that will make Heaven may not make it. No wonder Christ said harlots may enter Heaven while the Pharisees will not. So, let us leave judgment to God because he is the righteous judge. 

Our duty is to correct people; but whoever that repents should be given chance to express his or herself.  We must stop judging so that we will not be judged, let us allow God to work.

Verse 22-24: There is nothing like “I started well”, because God said that if you stop doing good, then He will forget all the good things you did in the past. The problem with most of us is that we only carry the Bible but we do not read the scriptures.  We should endeavor to read the Bible. 

The time we spend on the Internet, handset (mobile phones), and WhatsApp is too much. We do not have time for the things of God.  Many love God, but do not have foundation.  No taproot. 

The word of God is not in us, and that is why whenever the devil speaks we listen. If he speaks and you answer him with the Word of God he will go, but if you give him chance to defeat you he will enter.

Verse 25: Indeed, God is great and humble; imagine how God was responding to their (the Israelis) questions from verse 4.  If it were to be most of us, we would have responded in a wrong manner and maybe even support it with a Bible passage saying that we do not answer fools.  God is really patient with us, and that is what is deceiving us most times. 

No one will go to a shrine to steal, but we steal in the House of God – because we feel God does not see us.  It is really because of His patience that we take Him for granted, but if you read Romans chapter 2, you will understand that God’s patience ought to make us repent, because He does not have pleasure in the sin and death of the wicked. 

Truly, God does not want us to go to hell. If you read Matthew chapter 25, you will note that hell is meant for the devil who has treated God badly, and not us. Hell is for forever if you go there.

What inspired God to send His son is that He did not purpose that the same place He prepared for the devil would be where man whom He created in His own image would go. How will you feel to be under the same roof with the devil? 

Verse 26: If you performed wonderfully well when you started, but you decided to backslide only few days to when God wants to call you, all your efforts and deeds will be forgotten, hence a waste. 

For those who want to enjoy the world before repenting, do you know tomorrow?  Do you know when God will call you?

God is really wonderful; He does not hide any evil about happening from His children. Truly, death has no power where Christ is.

Verse 27: You can give yourself life by doing the right thing and by obeying God. But, if you disobey God you will ruin your soul.

CONCLUSION (Verses 30-32)

You can stop whatever you want to stop including sin. Get yourself a new heart and a new spirit! (This is also a prayer of King David in Psalms 51). Sin can ruin you. Wickedness can destroy you.  You have every right to desire anything from God Almighty, and He is willing to answer all your prayers as long as pray according to His will. Turn and live!

In Isaiah chapter 1 God rejected the multitude of sacrifices and offerings of the Israelis, but asked them to keep their hearts and hands clean. God was not interested in the fatlings they brought.

In Amos chapter 5, God told the Israelis to take away from Him the noise of their song. 

In Acts chapter 10, God told Cornelius that he had not been saved, in spite of his prayerful life, good deeds and magnanimity. 

All these passages depict that not much prayers can save someone. Sacrifices, offerings and songs are good, but cannot give you salvation. Seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added to you. 

Remember, 1 Corinthians chapter 10. The sacrifices of the wicked are an abomination to God.  Isaiah chapter 66 says that He made everything, therefore what does He require from you?  Why would you challenge God?  Just repent and come back to Him! 

According to Matthew chapter 7 verse 23, on the last day, some will say, “we cast out demons in your name”. But He will reply “I do not know you: depart from me, you workers of iniquities.” 

When you search the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, it is clear that we cannot bribe God.  What He needs from us is holiness, righteousness and salvation. His question to you is, “Why will you die?”  

I thank God that Hezekiah is a symbol of God’s power and authority. Hezekiah is an embodiment of God’s manifestation of miracles.  God can change your bad destiny to a good one.  He has told you that nobody is after your life rather it is your sins that hinders you from progressing and moving forward. 

Whether you are a chorister, priest, church leader, prophet, millionaire, those things cannot save you. What God needs from us is true repentance, turning away from your sins, turning to God, accepting the Son of God as your personal Saviour; then you will have salvation.

Salvation is more than ALTAR CALL. Salvation is more than ‘REPEAT AFTER ME’. Salvation is a mystery performed by God Almighty, and only He has the authority to change lives. 

Note: It is not the will of God that you will die in your sin.  It is not the will of God that you will go to hell.  It is not the will of God that your enemies will be greater than you. But it is the will of God that you turn a new leaf, change your life, get a new heart and a new spirit, and make a decision to serve the living God. 

That spirit that does not want you to pray, that does not want you to go to church, that does not want you to do the right thing, that always leads you to do the wrong things, that leads you to the wrong group, Jehovah is telling you to chase away such spirit. 

Get yourself a new heart! 

Get yourself a new spirit! 

And, turn to God. He will forget all your evil deeds. 

It will be very disastrous if you have been on the right track for long, and you deviate just few years left for you on earth.  All your efforts will be forgotten. 

My main message today is; many people have rejected Christ, but if you accept Him with all your heart, He will give you the power to become His child.  If only you leave everything on earth to follow Christ, though, the world will hate, mock and laugh at you as they did to Jesus, He will give you salvation. 

Tell God, since He does not want you to die, that you want to be his child and you will see what He will do for you. Everything is faith. And once God does it for you, reciprocate by living a life worthy of the calling.  Once you are in good terms with God you will have enemies, persecutors, but one thing is sure they can never succeed.



Sunday, 18 August 2019

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