Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power... Rev 4:11

June 2018 Pastors Conference and Fathers Day



Luke chapter 17 vs 11-17

These ten (10) lepers stood at a distance; they were far away from our Lord Jesus Christ and from there they shouted and He heard them.

It is not going to church that matters but the spirit with which you come to church with. Some people are not interested in communicating with God.  Many people are ultimate pretenders. They go to church to show off. These people in verse 12 were far away from God, yet had a good mind to meet God. 


Most men of God are no longer interested in people's souls, rather money, money, money.  Some church leaders are more interested in making money and pulling crowd rather than saving souls.  It is good to tell people the truth to save their lives.  Do not cover the truth because of what you will gain.  We should be interested in people's welfare rather than our selfish interests.

John 12 vs 9 – 11

The plan to put Lazarus to death was not hatched by ordinary Jews/people but by the church.  The chief priest at that! We must be careful so as not to waste innocent blood.


When Jesus Christ raised Lazarus from the dead, it was not a hidden secret but an established fact. Many people were there. Why then did the church leaders oppose it?  They witnessed everything that happened which was an established fact, yet was not interested in giving God the glory.  Their ‘brother’ died and was in the grave for four days, yet all they were after was protecting their image and that of their church, forgetting that in the process of trying to protect their image, they were destroying it. 


Nothing can be done against the truth but for the truth.  If you see what is the truth, say the truth.  No matter what we do, we must stand for God.


Their brother in Christ, Lazarus, was dead and was in the grave for four days, yet this people were not happy that he was raised from the dead. 


Going to church alone is not righteousness; the gift of righteousness comes from God.  Mind the kind of church you go to.  Most men of God have destroyed a lot of people in the name of religion.

Luke 17 vs 11-17

There were ten (10) lepers who shouted to Jesus for help.  Jesus did not touch them, rather He told them to go and show themselves to the chief priest. On their way, they were healed because they obeyed Christ.  


Take note that nine out of ten lepers were Jews while one was a Samaritan.  The Jews do not associate with Samaritans, but the state of being lepers brought them together.  Nine out of ten were Jesus’ brothers, but they did no return to give thanks when He made them whole/healed them. The nine persons/lepers did not influence or deceive the 10th / Samaritan leper. That one man took his decision because “many are called but few are chosen”.  Always bear in mind that destiny differs.


Only one person came back to thank God. The one that came back to thank God did not come with anything but himself and was very thankful. The most important thing is to show appreciation.  It is not about bringing money, car or any material things – inasmuch as these things are good – to show God a sincere appreciation.


The 10th / Samaritan leper did not receive the same amount of blessings with nine Jewish lepers, rather he got a double portion.


Protect the interest of God and your church. Go to church on Sunday to show God appreciation and draw more power from Him.  You work six days out of seven, you must come on one day (Sunday) and give thanks. You do not see the dead but feel decay around you; therefore, do not allow anyone to deceive you. 


Reference to Deuteronomy 5 v 12 where the Bible says “observe” the Sabbath day, and Exodus 20 v 8 where it says “remember” the Sabbath day.  This goes to show that if you are not careful, you will forget something good.  It is easy to forget something good but hard to forget something bad.


Always stand on your own and do not try to copy bad behaviour.  The Samaritan leper did not allow others to influence him. It is always good to say ‘thank you’ when someone does something good to you.
Endeavour to always remember to do good things.  Sometimes it is easy to remember bad things, rather than remembering good things.


There are many things that take the attention of people away from God.  Do not allow anything take away your time with God.


There is nothing wrong with hand set (mobile phones, etc.), only mind how you use it.


God blessed fathers so much.  Fathers should endeavour not be like Kora in the Bible.


To politicians: kings David and Hezekiah were all politicians but had the fear of God.  There were people in other professions who served God in truth and with the fear of God.

Psalm 119 vs 67-75

Verse 69 - Politicians, fathers, people in authority, are hereby advised to keep their hands clean. 


Note that upon all that Christ did, the Pharisees, chief priest etc., never accepted Him. Evil men were still planning evil against Him. Nothing He did ever pleased them.  


Those who will besmear/speak evil against you behind your back and come to sing praises before you are ungodly.  The Bible called them the godless. The righteous can never besmear others, it is the godless that this passage talks about.  It doesn’t matter what people say about you, whatever God says about you must stand.  Only be sure that what people say about you is not what you are.


  • Fathers were here enjoined not to change their good ways/system of raising their children.
  • Do not change you good methods because of what the world says.

If you want to succeed, you must be ready to do the following: -

  1. To accept advice;
  2. To accept God’s discipline in good faith;
  3. To accept correction in good faith.


If temptation comes your way, do not think or say that God hates you.  If God loves you, He will always correct you to save your life. Because God loved Nebuchadnezzar, He disciplined him by making him eat grass.  But after that, He restored him and blessed him.

Jehoikim killed a lot of people including the prophet who corrected him.  That prophet received a befitting burial, but Jehoikim, when he died, died like a rat.


You cannot play with a Consuming Fire and succeed.  You are not of God if when you commit so much evil, nothing happens to you.  When King David was corrected, he rent his clothes (in humility). Unless God remembers you, you can never know Him.  When you go home today, ask God in prayer to remember you.  The word of God is not to punish us rather to prove the realities of God to us. 

In verses 67 and 71, Daddy Hezekiah is not preaching to punish anyone, rather to make you experience the goodness of the Almighty God.  I, Daddy Hezekiah, is not foolish to: -

a)   abandon everything in the world for the service God;

b)  use all that God has blessed me with for the work of God;

c)   build the only private university in Imo State for the benefit of the less privileged;

d)  be very humble and more dedicated to the things of God.


I preach the truth because I have tested and have proven that God is real.  What I, Daddy Hezekiah, am today, is not according to the will of man, but according to the perfect will of God.

King David sinned out of ignorance, but when he was called to order, he never sinned again.  God saw that David was going to be useful to Him, and brought him low to correct him.  King David was happy that God disciplined him to save his life, but some of us think that we are above correction.

If you are a child of God, the chastisement by God is to give you salvation. You cannot move forward with arrogance; it is only humility that can help you.


If you err and your conscience tells you that you are wrong, thank God.  


God uses affliction to deliver the afflicted.  He uses punishment to deliver the punished.


If you err and God disciplines you, but you continue in your evil ways, you are not a seed of God.  If you err and God corrects/disciplines/rebukes you, learn from it.

King David declared that the reason he lived was to serve God.  The punishment of God helped improve the life of David.  When God corrects you, learn from it. Of what benefit is it that you gain the whole world and lose your soul? 


Daddy Hezekiah has seen both heaven and hell, therefore, he does not preach to threaten anyone, rather to help us make it into the kingdom of God.  Some fathers are not serious with the things of God.  Most people go to church to waste their time and not to seek God. A lot of things are happening in churches today in the name of God.  If God rebukes you, listen to Him, it is in your best interest.

What did punishment do in the life of King David?

See verses 69 to 75

Punishment opened the eyes of King David.  I, (Daddy Hezekiah) is not preaching to punish anyone rather to make you utilize the power of God.  I (Daddy Hezekiah) desire for you to be like me.  With the name of Jesus, I have performed so many miracles.  Many deities have been destroyed through the power of God.  It is possible that you can do what I have done in the name of Jesus if you believe and are ready to accept correction.  If you want to be like Daddy Hezekiah, do not play with God.


There is nothing I, Daddy Hezekiah, wants that I cannot get through prayers.  But I am not in the world to acquire wealth, rather to do the will of God and to help mankind enter the kingdom of God. 


Always accept your mistakes and live rightly. King David, when corrected, believed that God will and can never be wrong.  This is why he was successful. Some of us complain as if we have no mistakes.  What about those secret sins you are hiding away from people?  Take example from king David.  The word of God is better than whatever you can imagine in life.  


King David did not realise his mistakes until he was disciplined by God.  He did not murmur when he was punished rather it drew him closer to God.  Some of us think that we can deceive God with hypocrisy and deceit.  God knows you more than the people you are preaching to. 


Take note:  punishment will help you to know God more. It is whom God loves that He chastises.  Accept punishment from God, it is a good thing for you.  If God punishes you, thank Him.  It means that He loves you.  If you grow worse after punishment, then something is wrong.


The punishment God gave to David did not make him murmur or backslide, rather he drew closer to God.  He was happy /grateful for the punishment God gave him.   If you are among those God gave the opportunity to serve Him, go home and thank Him.


You cannot be like Daddy Hezekiah overnight while living life as you please.  You must be dedicated.  You must be committed. Daddy Hezekiah is not after denomination; denomination is not in Heaven. I, Daddy Hezekiah, am after saving souls for Christ.


Do not fall out of faith or decide to try other gods because God chastised/rebuked you.  It is through humility that a person becomes great. 


When you are tempted, your enemies will want you to be put to shame.  The only thing that will make your enemies to succeed is if you are a pretender.  But if you are on good terms with your God, your enemies will come after you, but all of them will be put to shame.


The end


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