Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power... Rev 4:11



‘What shall we say unto the Lord, All we have to say is thank you Lord, thank you Lord, thank you Lord, All we have to say is thank you Lord!

Our precious Mummy and Daddy’s Greatest Achievement, Our calm and resilient mum, our epitome of beauty, our joy and comfort, if given an opportunity to express ourselves to God Almighty for giving us such a wonderful creature, the above song is what the Temple Youths of Living Christ Mission London Branch will start with.

Words fail us to express even a tenth of what you mean to us and how your actions in successfully shepherding the church under the care and direction of Your Father Daddy Hezekiah brings us limitless joy.

God indeed sent you at the right time to broker peace to the wounded, to heal the broken hearted, to unify and mend, to teach and correct as well as to wipe the tears of the needy and without shying away from what might have seemed an onerous task, you took on the mantle of leadership gladly, delivering results time and time again with joy and cheerfulness.

No wing of the church was left untouched by your caring ways however, if any was to lay claim to having benefitted the most from your touch, it would be the temple youths of Living Christ Mission London Branch for we will not forget the seminar you organised for us through your sisters the Unmerited and favoured Family of Daddy Hezekiah’s household in 2013 which till date is still bearing fruits! Praise the Lord, Halleluiah!

As your Golden Year Birthday Celebration loomed closer Mummy, we wondered how to appreciate you and show you even the minutest love for being a Unique and super-duper Mum who despite being a youth, has a spiritual maturity and growth unequalled to any and this has helped make Daddy’s work load lighter and enabled him to focus more on developing us spiritually.

Your accommodating nature also ensured that you nurtured another great being into existence in the person of your daughter and sister, Princess Onyinyeomachukwu Hezekiah thereby increasing Daddy’s happiness even more. Thank You Mum!

Your love, patience, care, attention to detail, great listening skills, organisation and administrative skills, empathy et al which have not gone unnoticed by your children in London branch, continues to prove that you are indeed a MOTHER and God’s Anointed servant.

Your infectious smile gladdens the heart of thousands and many if not all, who come in contact with you go away feeling lighter because you are an expert in comforting and making light our burdens and worries.

Mama, silver and gold we have not, righteousness and holiness we bring not but we offer you our heart hence we have put together these few pages to encourage you as you have encouraged us and to remind you of God’s promise concerning you, ‘It is the Lord who goes before you; he will be with you, he will not fail you or forsake you; do not fear or be dismayed’’- (Deuteronomy 31:8).

As the above Bible verse says, the Lord will always go before you and be with you so you have nothing to be fearful of. Please continue to hide yourself under the canopy of your father Daddy Hezekiah’s love and instructions that it may be well with you all the days of your life, Amen.

May this 2017 Golden Year Birthday Celebration which marks the beginning of a new age and chapter in your life, bring you unending blessings, greater successes and unquantifiable joy in Jesus Name we pray, Amen!

We Love You Ezigbo Nne, Happy Birthday and Many More Healthy Years Ahead!

Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray…

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